Sunday, September 13, 2009

hhg2ec-The Guide on a stick...?

I did it. Just finished the first draft version 0.1 of hhg2ec on a stick, using the DokuWiki on a stick framework in conjunction with Html2DokuWiki conversion tool. It is now checked in at Google code and you can use Mercurial to check it out: hg clone hhg2ec

2016 update: After closure of Google code in 2015, the guide moved to GitHub. Check it out at

Enjoy! Have fun, -joke

Monday, June 15, 2009

It's been a while...

One of the first things that later became known as "home page", was an interview with myself, I created using jove (an emacs derivate) and HTML 0.8, viewable with the Viola web browser in 1992.

EUnet Germany was founded in December 1992, and I joined their staff as employee #11 in July 1994. My first job was to become what was later known as "webmaster," so maintainer of information on the (then famous) server and the all-new running the pre-cursor of Apache.

Shortly thereafter I got my own content server sponsored and started a few web-projects for EUnet on the server I called this was Surfland, Webland, Bookland, Gnuland, Toyland, etc.

Due to the evolution of our start-up into the first and biggest Internet Service Provider (ISP) world-wide in the early days, called UUNET, the server changed domain name to in 1996 and remained alive until 2004. Then its hardware, a sun Ultra SPARC5 died, and was replaced by a virtual server.

My old office.
In June 2009, I decided to use Google and Facebook as content platforms, created blogs of my old weekend projects, to keep some of the history archived for historical reasons. And replace my homepage with my Facebook page, which is in-line with my profiles on LinkedIn and XING and Google.

So if you got here, you probably searched for content on This Blog is to help you find your way to the early days of the Web in Germany in general, and my "weekend research" projects in particular.

In alphabetical order:
Enjoy! Have fun, -joke